About us

our mission and goals

“Labour Initiatives” is a non-governmental organization that promotes the idea of decent work and social dialogue in Ukraine.


  • Provide free legal assistance on labor and socio-economic rights Implement educational initiatives on human rights
  • Advocate for decent work and international standards of human rights and fundamental freedoms
  • Defend the values of social justice
  • Promote the right to freedom of association and peaceful assembly
  • Facilitate the implementation of the principle of gender equality and non-discrimination in the field of labor
  • Collaborate with trade unions and civil society organizations to develop a democratic society and build a rule of law state.

our team

office team

George Sandul

Legal Director and attorney in “Labor Initiatives” NGO (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Valeriia Oshevska – Vokhmianina

Office and event manager

Kateryna Shvets

Lawyer in “Labor Initiatives” NGO

Alina Muzychenko

Lawyer in “Labor Initiatives” NGO

Inna Kudinska

Lawyer in “Labor Initiatives” NGO

Nadiia Yolkina

Lawyer in “Labor Initiatives” NGO



01032, Kyiv, st. S. Petliuri, 10

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