Law clinic

The legal clinic of the NGO “Labor Initiatives” offers comprehensive legal assistance in cases related to violations of labor rights. The doors of our office are always open to individual workers as well as to trade unions who need support in conducting collective bargaining and on other issues related to the protection and defense of workers’ rights.

Lawyers from the “Labor Initiatives” NGO help workers fight for fair working conditions and fair wages in such industries as agriculture, mining and metallurgy, the financial sector, aviation, education and healthcare, media, and the informal sector of the economy, among others.

In addition to daily consultations, lawyers from the “Labor Initiatives” NGO engage in advocacy for the protection of workers’ and trade unions’ rights, prevention of workplace bullying, promotion of gender equality, as well as the fight against corruption and protection of whistleblowers.

The analytical work of our legal clinic is aimed at finding the best practices in the field of labor law and promoting legislative initiatives in favor of workers.