Register for the ILAW webinar “Telework and Worker Rights in Europe and Central Asia”

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Register for the ILAW webinar on the regulation of telework in Europe and Central Asia.

Well-regulated telework offers workers flexibility and autonomy, allowing for a better balance between work and personal and family life.

In times of social and political upheaval, whether a global pandemic or unlawful invasion, it is a lifeline that can enable workers to retain their livelihoods.

However, poorly regulated telework can allow employers to push the costs of running a business onto workers, result in longer work hours and a blurring between work and personal time, and leave isolated workers vulnerable to discrimination, harassment and other abuse.

Telework also presents challenges for union organizing, which generally relies on physical proximity to reach workers and create a sense of solidarity. 

The webinar will feature the authors of the latest ILAW reports on telework in Moldova, Ukraine and Poland, ILAW members Mihail Cebotari, Łucja Kobroń-Gąsiorowska, Inna Kudinska, and George Sandul.

The authors will examine the impact of telework on a range of worker rights issues, including work hours and the right to disconnect, access to health and safety protections, discrimination, worker misclassification, privacy and the right to collective bargaining.