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Experts 4 Ukrainian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for the first time gave the coalition a message to the universal periodic review on systematic violations of human rights of women and their discrimination in the labor market

30 March 2017 4 Ukrainian NGO – BT “Kyiv Institute of Gender Studies’ Office for Social and Political Development, NGO” Labor Initiative “and the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine – prepared and submitted a joint communication to the universal periodic review (Universal Periodic Review, UPR) of situation and the human rights of women in the labor market in Ukraine.

Universal Periodic Review is currently the world’s largest mechanism for monitoring human rights, and a new system for monitoring these rights, aimed at aligning the identified violations of human rights in each country. And each of the 193 countries included in reports to the United Nations every four years. As part of the review of the UN Member States to check each other on human rights and write their recommendations.

Since this is the third cycle of the Universal Periodic Review, which is Ukraine, it is especially important to make clear the key theme of coalition representation – violations of women’s rights of access to skills, paid work, social infrastructure and the benefits in terms of Ukraine initiated a systematic reforms.

Organizations submitting this report, concerned that:

a situation in which women are in Ukraine every year is becoming more difficult, but only 6% of the 145 recommendations made by Ukraine under the universal periodic review of the Second Cycle (2012) concerning the rights of women.
human rights reports from Ukraine using gender-neutral approach and gender insensitive language. The rhetoric about “human rights” and “children’s rights” without sex prevents visualization of human rights of women.
violation of the rights of women who experience multiple discrimination, human rights reports from Ukraine practically not represented nor mentioned. Therefore, they remain “invisible” to the human rights field in Ukraine and international organizations ..
Brought to prepare experts noted that “human rights are in question reports of women related primarily to combating domestic violence, trafficking and provision of shelters, while the problems associated with poverty women limited their access to paid work, vocational training, social and transport infrastructure, find themselves out of consideration “- Martha Skorik, expert of the Kiev Institute for gender studies. Elena Mihalchenko, yurystka NGO “Employment Initiative” states that “despite the existence of relevant laws of Ukraine” On ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men “,” On Principles of Prevention and Combating Discrimination in Ukraine “, their standards are not met, but law available number of discriminatory provisions against women, such as the ban on 491 types of occupations for women and prohibition of night. “

Olesya Bryazhunova, representative of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions, states that Article 108 of the new draft Labor Code allows the release of single mothers with children under 15 years of age on general grounds under Article 92 project TKU. For example, in the case of systematic failure or improper performance of employee job duties, while “systematic” is failure or improper performance of employee job duties to which at least twice during the year and applied disciplinary measures that daily abuse are not removed; truancy (absence from work during working hours without good reason); disclosure of commercial or other information protected by law and so on.

Rostislav Dzundza, head of the Bureau of social and political development, concludes that in common in Ukraine negative gender stereotypes, gaps in pay between men and women, high levels of unemployment, it should be stronger than before, to support equal rights for women of all ages to make efforts in meeting gender balance in the workplace and social services. “A major step back is vyrohidnist adoption of the revised Labor Code without anti amendments have been one of the requirements for visa-free regime with the EU”, – said Rostislav.

Organizations coalition members presented their recommendations to remedy the situation.

Specifically, the experts recommend:

establish a permanent and regular gender expertise of legislative proposals to reform the labor sector and social benefits, particularly the new draft Labor Code; pension reform;
start system and joint work of statisticians and managers that deal with gender equality (the State Statistics Service, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, State Employment Service of Ukraine, the State Labor Inspectorate, the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights, expert and non governmental organizations, trade unions) to real abuse of women and their scale became visible and included in e
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